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Scandinavian interior design CGI visualization that emphasizes bright, light, and open spaces, with enough room to move and breath within them. Visual elements like clean lines and white space evoke a sense of calm and capacity, and the exposed brick in the living room gives the space a slight edgy look.

Contemporary interior design CGI visualization creates classic yet timeless look thanks to a light-handed, spare take on decorating to ensure it will never feel dated. While simplicity, clean lines and plays on texture are achieving a perfectly balanced stylish home.

Minimalist interior design CGI visualization achieved through “less is more” and “everything needs a place and a reason” approach. Clean, modern lines, a concise color palette, and pared down silhouettes helped creating a layered, warm, rich, and inviting minimalist home.

(Inspired by Allen Key House)

Modern interior design CGI visualization that focuses on the use of neutral materials and earthy colors with hits of yellow while eliminating unnecessary detailing. This small, but functional apartment is packed with style that balances both space and storage, and color and design. 

Modern wooden kitchen CGI visualization. Wood is a perfect choice for adding character and personality to a design scheme — especially when it comes to kitchens. Both in the traditional and contemporary home architecture, wooden kitchen design had often been chosen to give a cohesive appearance in this part of the house, making it a warm and cozy space you never want to leave.